Creative traveler – Trip to South Korea

Summer ’17 has been a season of new experiences. I personally traveled to South Korea, my homeland. It was insightful to see the expansion and the growth of a city I remembered so differently. In the 70’s, SK was considered to be third world. Fast forward nearly 40 years, it is now a bustling country feverishly competing globally on technology, electronics and transportation.

There are a lot of fearful news from western media about the North Koreans wanting to bomb the world, however South Koreans for the most part were feeling blasé. People were and still are, no doubt, enjoying their modern way of living – dining out, going to shows, and hiking the nearby mountains. Generally, everyone was going about their normal, busy day.

Traveling changes you. I certainly did. So much so, I adopted a new first name – “Vivienne”. If you look up the definition, the name is rooted from Latin, vivus (meaning, alive). For example, “Vive la France! (Long live France!)” It’s an expression of sorts, celebrating whatever it is you deem important.

So please do not be alarmed when you see a new name under my photo. Like South Korea, I have also grown and changed. My perspective on life have broadened and expanded.”Live life to the fullest!” being my mantra, I’m excited that my canvas has evolved to something greater.