How much is too much sharing? Facebook Privacy Scandal

I had a chance to have a quick discussion and news article on end-user’s right to privacy on Facebook and social media.

There was so much to say but Isiah Carey kept me on-point! lol

by the way, Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media, Messenger, Text and Email

  • DO NOT’s
    • Do NOT share your credit card information
    • Do NOT share your Tax ID
    • Do NOT share your Bank Account numbers
    • Do NOT share your birth date
    • Do NOT share your password
    • Do NOT share the dates when your home is vacant
  • DO’s
    • Update your Password regularly
    • Decide to Opt-out if you so choose. No one is being forced to disclose personal information
    • Contact ykcreative to learn more on Safe Practices on Social Media and Online Communication

Thank you Fox26, 3BRG for the invitation.

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