What Does Successful Branding Look Like?

When we think of branding, many thoughts are apt to cross our minds. We may think of “name brands”, who are defined by years in an industry and their recognizable labels and fonts. Or we may think of new startups, many of whom define their brand through popular naming conventions (such as cutesy”, one word names that include intentional misspellings). When done right, brands are recognizable, and easily convey to consumers what the companies they represent do. Brands can distinguish certain companies, setting them apart from competitors, and the more unique and relatable they are, the more successfully they’ll stand out.

But have you ever thought of how successful brands got to where they are? There are many different paths to take in creating a successful brand, but to get there all successful companies have passed the same four check points that are vital in getting your brand to succeed.

1. The company knows themselves and what they stand for.
Creating a brand is always challenging, but if a company does not “know thyself” (so to speak), it is near impossible to create a brand that is not only relatable, but accurately stands for what a company does as well. By representing your company’s mission, a good brand can convey what you stand for – and bring the right business in the process.

2. The company did something new and different.
This one may sound like a given, but can be difficult to achieve. When a company is developing their brand, it is hugely important for what they do to sound new and different. Even if a company is just selling toilet paper, their business should differentiate itself against the competition. Your brand should highlight whatever competitive differences you bring to the market: just like your mission, whatever your company is trying to do, your brand should be highlighting this too.

3. The company developed a visually appealing logo.
Whether bringing a new product to market or trying to re-brand an old one, there are many business considerations to be made, and as a result more creative needs may get pushed aside. While it is always important to continue to focus on a business’s more practical concerns, a brand’s logo shouldn’t be forgotten because it is one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness. If a logo is simple, clever, and enticing, it will generate interest in the product and can solidify a brand in the mind of consumers. If a company is struggling with creating an eye-catching logo, they should consider seeking a designer with the expertise and experience to guide them towards a successful brand logo.

4. They listened *before* going to market.
Sometimes re-branding has to happen, and there are many companies who have successfully re-branded. However, nailing your brand the first time around can be key to securing repeat business. Many companies with successful brands didn’t just throw an idea out there, they spent hours working with focus groups and surveying potential consumers about potential brand names, logos, and mottos. Knowing how your consumers will respond to your brand before going to market can spare headaches down the road and help solidify your base early on.

Hopefully these four tips will help your company get their brand off the ground, or help you in a total re-brand overhaul. Stay tuned for more pointers as we dive into branding in more detail soon!

Written by Alyssa Devlin  |  alyssa@ykcreative.com