A Perspective on Brand

Why it’s Important to Have a Strong and Consistent Online Presence

Your organization’s brand is integrally related to its online presence. Most consumers in our current digital economy recognize your brand, the quality of your services and products, and your company’s culture and personality based on how it appears across online platforms and media.

From website design and content to how you appear on search engines and social media, everything your company does online will either add to or subtract from your overall branding. It is critical to brand development and consumer demand that your organization understands how online branding works and to take advantage of positive development and maintenance techniques.

What is Your Why?

Focusing on your company’s “why” has become a popular branding exercise recently, and with good reason. Most companies have an almost genetic predisposition to focus on the “what” part of their identity. Describing the quality of your product or service is indeed important, but if the only branding relates to the relative quality of your product, customers will not be able to make a purchasing decision based on your message.

If you do not emphasize your Why message, prospects will not understand how your product or service adds value to them individually. Putting your Why message first lets customers understand your company’s vision and mission and how your mission identifies with their own in some way. A strong Why also show prospects how you are more valuable to them than your competition.

Your Brand’s Sensory Experience

Your online presence can reflect physical branding in important ways. Think of the ways your online message conveys sensory user experiences.


Web design and social media can be very effective in imprinting branding images in consumers’ minds. Your logo, font styles, company colors, uniforms, and any other real-life imagery creates a strong branding identity.


The way your company communicates is strongly related to audio messages you send. Music, jingles, and relation to general musical styles all create branding opportunities.


If your business has a retail presence, consider how conveying a physical experience through your online presence can be vital. A welcoming space with appealing people and furnishings as shown in branding material will make a great impression. Think of a restaurant and how presenting a comfortable experience can be as valuable as describing how good the food is.


Foodservice organizations can especially benefit from connecting online branding material to a wonderful taste experience.


Restaurants, coffee shops, and perfume companies are all examples of how strong branding can be directly related to the smell of comfort and quality.


How Your Organizational Culture Can Support Your Brand

Customers evaluate businesses based on the culture they project. Consider the branding impression you want to create. Whether a top-down or horizontally organized company is important to your branding, think about how your organizational culture is represented in your online messaging.

Some companies benefit from a highly structured image, while others prefer to project a loose and fun culture. In any event, the important thing is to make a knowledgable decision of what the desired cultural image should be, and then to work towards that.

Successful branding depends upon conscious organizational efforts to promote a strong online presence that is consistent and supportive of your company’s vision and message. Awareness of the importance of branding at every level of your organization is an essential first step.

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by Vivienne Kwon – Principal