ykcreative and MetiStream Join Forces


ykcreative and MetiStream join forces to help the Oil and Gas industry get closer to their community and local constituents. The wave of activity and focus by the Oil and Gas industry to explore and expand natural gas production across the country has increased the need to be more socially responsible and responsive to the concerns of local communities and constituents. As the Oil and Gas companies start to drill for natural gas through hydraulic fracking and other processes, communities, conservationists, and government agencies want to ensure that drilling activities do not negatively impact their environment, safety and livelihood.

To address these concerns and provide oversight of drilling activities, many companies in the Oil and Gas sector have created dedicated corporate social responsibility groups to monitor and analyze the media where these concerns and sentiments are voiced. However, Oil and Gas companies are challenged with monitoring the social sentiments and feedback from such an ever-changing and broad variety of external sources such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and local and national news.

Fortunately, the advent of Big Data and Analytics now enables Oil and Gas companies to easily and quickly collect, aggregate and analyze this data so that they can proactively take action. Big Data and Analytics solutions can also help Oil and Gas companies trend and predict major issues before they occur…potentially heading off impacts to the community at large and preventing unnecessary bad PR.

To address this need in the Oil and Gas sector, ykcreative and MetiStream will leverage their Big Data and Digital Marketing expertise to develop the “Energy Social Awareness” engine which will provide a market-centric platform that analyzes large volumes of social data, aggregates the information, and provides the ability to perform sentiment analysis of key topics and social feedback. This offering will help Oil and Gas companies and key stakeholders proactively keep a “pulse” on the local environment and community.

ABOUT ykcreative: ykcreative is an award-winning full service digital communications group providing web, graphic design, logo/branding, and strategic online marketing services.

ABOUT MetiStream: MetiStream offers solutions and expertise in implementing highly scalable real-time analytic and streaming solutions using innovative open source technologies. We help customers shorten the Time-to-Value issues seen in legacy and batch environments. Our customers look to us to help them kick start their big data journey; conquer the real-time data integration and ingestion challenges; and, most importantly, gain deeper insight into their business.